Rowlet Cross Stitch Grid and WIP



So, I am OBSESSED with the little perfect puff ball, Rowlet, from the new Pokemon Sun/Moon starters so I started to work on a cross stitch pattern. I’m not comfortable giving out colors until I cross stitch the project first, but I wanted to share the grid so nobody has to wait for me to finish to start stitching or making a perler! I started it last night, and I hope to have it finished soon so I can create a final cross stitch pattern with colors so if you’d rather wait, please sit tight!

Please don’t redistribute the grid or remove my link from it. Credit would be wonderful, but not required. <3

Click here for the grid.

Edit: June 01, 2016 – Final pattern has been added to this post. There will be no more updates. You can see the final project here.

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