About katzStitch

the site

katzStitch began as just a blog on Tumblr so I could display my work and interact with the other talented cross stitchers on there. While I do enjoy using Tumblr, I did not want it to be the primary location of my portfolio which is why this domain was purchased. This gives me more creative freedom over design and content, and it also allows for you, the visitor, to learn a bit more about me! This domain was opened on January 14, 2016.

Prior to katzStitch, my username on other various social media sites (Twitch, Twitter) has revolved around the alias Katz which is why I had chosen establish that as the name linked to my cross stitch work. I found that this worked out perfectly because then I could combine my love for cats and cross stitching into the logo designs.

The main purpose of this site is to house my main portfolio of my finished pieces so that others can find inspiration or commission something they will love from me. However, I also love creating patterns and want to help other cross stitchers find accurate patterns for subjects that they love and posting work-in-progress photos.


simple rules

If you see a project that you like posted here and you want to make one of your own, please do not squint and try to replicate the pattern. If a pattern source is listed, I urge you to check out the source and purchase the pattern (like I did) or download it straight from their site. If one is not, it is an original pattern created by me, and I may be planning on selling it on my future store. However, I am very friendly and accommodating and will help you get your pattern so just send me an email and tell me what you’re looking for.

Please do not repost any of my work on Tumblr because I have provided links to each corresponding project for reblogging purposes. If you see any of my work reposted anywhere and it does not appear to be me, please feel free to get in contact with me to let me know.


thank you

While the layout was coded myself using Notepad, there are a few external resources I would like to acknowledge.